The first book in The Work Series, “The Work Volume I – The Life of Benjamin Samuel Brasford,” discusses how after I joined the army, I was approached by someone who invited me to join a Christian organization that introduced me to a life that unfortunately for many years held me captive down a road of many twists and turns.  This Christian organization I would later find was only Christian on the surface while underneath was altogether dark.  This organization lulled me into an arranged marriage at an age when I was not even ready to be an adult.  The book is short and prepares you for what led me to where I am now in my development.  It reads as a narrative style, with a mystical, metaphorical feel.  Due to some feedback from others who have read the book, they all unanimously read it all the way through.  It is said to flow, some even stated, “like water.”  Here are some of the reviews for volume one.


 “Wow man first of all I really liked the story. Some of it resonated with my own life. I liked that it was very succinct. You didn’t lay his whole life out on table but enough to where I could feel where he was were coming from, beginning to end.

-Fellow Researcher


 “I really appreciate your work. It gave me somethings to reflect on in my life. I don’t know how but your work took on a certain level of vividness and clarity in my mind while I was reading. … D was a high point. It shows how we all need those types of influences in our lives. Im sure this will help many people through issues like this. Glad you found yourself through all of that.”

 -Fellow Researcher


 “Great read!! Story line is ambiguous yet flowing.. Mystery with practicality in the fictional work!!”

 -Fellow Reader


 “A masterfully written odyssey with a fast pace and stylish dialogue. The true story of a bad start in life that was turned into something great. This polished first offering from author Benjamin S. Brasford is a tour de force that details the highs and lows of an epic personal journey towards self growth and personal expansion. This is the modern day account of the Journey of the Hero. The Life of Benjamin S. Brasford, covering 20 pages, has an almost effortless flow that succeeds in delivering a mighty punch. This expertly written and richly blended true life story of drama, religious ritual, and psychological integration and reconciliation makes for a seriously smooth read. Content rich sentences; thought-provoking usage of names, and a kaliedoscope of images that move across the pages like cupfuls of mist weaving their way through the reader’s subconscious give this book a deep rich feel that hovers just between ‘dangerous’ and ‘delicious’. An addictive book – with numerous layers and levels, that makes serious readers want to read it again and again!”



“The author’s story of his life is incredible as well as moving, and unlike anything, I have read before. I have read a lot of memoirs as it is a genre I adore however The Life of Benjamin Samuel Brasford stands out amongst the genre and is now one of my favorite memoirs thanks to the sensational story and compelling literature. “

-Aimee Ann of




Volume II of the series, picks up from chapter six of Volume I.  It is an expansion and continuation of Volume I that focuses primarily on the last five years of marriage.  It discusses a journey of discovery that I went through after a long period of church experiences, marital failure, and a decision to figure out life in general for myself.  It is a different styled work that is more technical than Volume I and a much larger work.  It is an aid for those who have left church or any religion or philosophy, and who desire to take a stance to learn on their own.  It challenges long held beliefs but does not necessarily encourage one to take a particular stance one way or another.  It is to inform you to take a more active role in your individual faith, whatever that faith may be.  It will also show a broader perspective of life and may open you up to new worlds altogether.  It is a book of exploration.  A book of learning.  Hence the title, “Transformation.”


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The third volume of the series will entails a discussion on relationships with a focus on the marital and non-marital situation.  This discussion will seek to explain some of the reasons that led up to the current relationship landscape, some explanations of the current landscape, and finally some suggestions concerning where we might be headed.  It is also a continuation of a portion of Chapter 7 from Volume I, as well as the previous blog post, “B’s Epiphany on Dating and Mating.”  The title is, “I Need You, But Where Do We Go From Here?”


The fourth volume of the series, just as the third, is a continuation of a portion of Chapter 7 of Volume I.  This volume will discuss some of the mechanisms of our society from a broader context, specifically focusing on finance, economics, business, crime, and history.  It is a story which involves people who live in a modern metropolitan city where on the surface things appear normal, but behind the scenes are the real dealings of those in charge.  It will display how the decisions of the haves truly effect the have-nots.  This volume will also feature crime, suspense, and mystery.