Welcome to The Work Series created by Ben Brasford, a military veteran, father of three, author, blogger, and thinker. The Work Series focuses on life through the careful interweaving of various subjects for the purposes of connecting dots from a pragmatic point of view.  Benjamin focuses primarily on the fundamental nuts and bolts of life, while also demonstrating careful approaches and methodology to spiritual matters, Christian and non-Christian.

The Work Series comes from the perspective of a teacher teaching teachers.  It implies the utilization of sound methods of obtaining useful information from several directions and proper application of such in an effort to live life more successfully.  Focusing on the reasoning process to strengthen ones emotional and spiritual state.

Ben was a long time Christian of several different denominations over the years, embarked upon a journey of studying several disciplines that Christian churches normally deem unsuitable for Christians in general.  He has become an auto-didact from meticulous researches into history, psychology, religion, finance, economics, business, evolution, anthropology, and romantic and non-romantic relationships.  All of this he accomplished while still becoming an avid bird watcher, occasional fisherman, and frequent traveler to various U.S. states and cities, and foreign countries.

Ben has decided to write from various perspectives to include fiction, non-fiction, and academic.  He delivers a message of hope to a world that is in constant search to move forward while utilizing healthy and productive ways.  He focuses on the whole man/woman and not only a part of him/her.  One area should not be sacrificed for another.  Neither should one person.

This site will post blogs that will discuss things from different perspectives as well as provide updates on the books and articles that are to support the series. May this site enrich, enlighten, and empower to do the work!