Stand With Me Tonight

At a night club, in Losem, Nw, on a hot night, Ben and his boys are on the old side of Losem where prostitution is not frowned upon. Several drinks have been consumed, after sitting at at the bar, they gaze at the dance floor while looking at the ladies. After enjoying the scenery for a while,

“Hey, what’s your name?” says Janice.

“My name is Ben.” says Ben.

“you want to dance?” asks Janice.

“Okay.” says Ben.

Dancing to four songs consecutively, they occasionally glance into one another eyes.  After a while, they touch each other at different parts of their bodies, shoulders, arms, and eventually hips.

“What’s your phone number?” asks Janice.

“702-854-9999.” answers Ben.

A few more songs pass, more dancing commences, Janice gives Ben her number, they say their goodbyes and then Ben and his boys leave the club.


A few days pass, Ben calls Janice and they begin to talk on a regular basis in a short period of time. Not more than two weeks pass before Ben realizes that Janice wanted to have sex with him much earlier than he realizes.

A relationship ensues without either one of them ever really have a conversation about it. Janice was four years older than Ben. She had feelings for Ben to a degree that he did not understand.  Ben was only 19 years old and had no clue about how women worked.  Janice very much seemed to know what she wanted, though her primary method of communication was covert.  Her actions would always show what she wanted with no words.  You would probably say that she was extreme in her covert communication.  She would just begin to do what she wanted, i.e., initiate sex, order food, purchase alcohol, etc. She rarely, if at all, would communicate overtly what she desired.  Ben, at the tender age of 19, didn’t know nor care enough to know what she wanted and would often upset her with his actions.  Janice still desired him and would work very hard for his attention even when he made it clear through his actions that he wasn’t even remotely interested in knowing that she wanted his attention.

Ben would play video games at his place while Janice would eagerly sit on the floor and watch him.  Janice desired to have sex every time that her and Ben got together, though Ben didn’t really care whether they had sex or not. Ben would still have sex with her, though, having never turned her down.

After some time, while Ben was out with his boys, he would meet Asia.  Asia was a year younger than him, 18, prettier, nicer body, and closer to his mindset.  Ben was captivated by her.  While he was out with Randy, Stacy, a friend of Asia, along with Asia, Ben and Asia hit it off immediately.  Randy met Stacy a week before all four of them got together at One Burger, a burger joint located with downtown Losem. Asia came along with her friend Stacy, perhaps because Stacy wasn’t so sure about Randy quite yet.  Randy was 26 years old, while Stacy was 19. Asia and Ben exchange numbers before the night ended.

Two weeks after the One Burger meeting, Ben called Asia to hang out.  Asia was delighted.  The very night that they hung out, Asia came over to Ben’s place and wouldn’t you know it, their chemistry led to a one night stand. Ben must have explored every part of Asia’s body.  Asia was so delighted that she tried her best to reciprocate. It would be another two months that Ben and Asia got together where every meeting an encounter would ensue.

After some time, Asia cut Ben off without explaining why. Ben was confused but chose not to pursue her at all.  When Ben gets cut off, he leaves things the way that they are.

Two months afterward, Ben, his Friend Eric with his cousin Annie, were in a night club in downtown Losem. They were not too far from the entrance when, Asia walks in with a guy behind her.  While Ben and Annie are standing next to one another, Asia recognizes Ben. She immediately grabs the shirt of the guy behind her as they are walking in and they proceed to walk further into the club.  About thirty minutes later, Asia walks over to Ben and asks him,

“Hey. Is that your girl now?”

“No.” replies Ben.

Asia proceeds to position her very large and nice looking rear end directly into the standing lap of Ben and says,

“You like it like that huh?”

Ben says nothing at all and eventually Asia walks off without saying a word.

In Ben’s mind, he did nothing to cause things between Asia and him and to breakdown. So, Ben didn’t care anymore about what she thought nor what she felt.

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